Benefits Of Topical Treatments

Once in a while, whether as a kid or even a grown-up, your body gets an injury either a bruises or a twisted ankle that then causes some skin conditions such as the acne. This is a skin condition that people get, especially in their teenage years. When you get hurt or sick, there are different treatments that you may seek topical treatment such as creams and gels. A study done in January 2014 found that a lot of people opt aspirin and other oral non- steroidal drugs. However, since the increase of topical pain-relieving creams, people have more options on what they may use. So are topical treatments any better in treating skin conditions? Here is an in-depth guide on the benefits of using topical treatments.

Localized Treatment

This kind of treatment focuses on a specific organ of the body and this could be a muscle injury or a growth on your skin. When you use oral medication to treat pain, it is taken to all parts of the body, including the area you are hurt. However, when you use gel or cream, you only apply on the affected part.

Fewer Risks of Abuse

Drugs taken orally or by injections can easily be abused, particularly with pain medication. This has been happening a lot, although when you opt for creams and gels, the risk of drug abuse is significantly lower. This helps not only the patient but also the doctor from having to deal with cases of drug addiction due to medication overuse.

Acts Quickly

Since you are targeting a specific area, the medication is going to act fast and a s a result brings you relief. This is very beneficial because, at times, you need medication to work fast since the pain is too much, and creams and gels help a lot in such situations.

Alternative to Oral Administration

At times, you might have an adverse reaction to the administered medication such as vomiting it. Due to this, the effectiveness of this drug is reduced meaning it takes longer for you to get better. This happens often to children, and it becomes very difficult for them and leads to wastage of doses. It is because of this that most parents prefer topical medication for fast recovery and avoiding wasting of medicine.

No Chalky Aftertaste

Some people cannot take oral medication due to the foul taste, and instead prefer pain relief creams as they see as a great option. The reason for this is that some medicines leave an after taste in your mouth, and you have to drink a lot of water or eat little food when trying to get rid of that taste.

Reduces Hospital Congestion

Earlier, hospitals were always full. However, today you only need to be admitted when suffering from a serious condition. When you opt for topical treatments, you can be in and out of a hospital within a few hours. This ensures that the hospital beds are free and only use for serious cases. People have increased the use of topical medication over the years because of this and this is very encouraging because it has more advantages than downsides.


As you have seen, there are various reasons why you should opt for topical treatment. Some medical situations need you to use this kind of treatment mainly, and it is encouraging to see how effective it is. It is no surprise more doctors are opting for this form of medication to improve their patient’s wellbeing.

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