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Innovative Postnatal Care Practices in Singapore

In the heart of modern Singapore, there’s a thriving culture that beautifully blends tradition with contemporary practices. One such tradition is the use of confinement centres. These centres are a godsend for new mums, offering a sanctuary to recover and rejuvenate after childbirth. Confinement centres in Singapore are not just about rest and recovery. They’re […]
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Do Home Pedicure Kits Contribute to Nail Fungus? Safety Tips and Best Practices

Pedicures, a favorite indulgence for many, have transcended the boundaries of salons, paving the way for home pedicure kits. As these kits grow in popularity, providing convenience and cost savings, concerns regarding their hygiene and potential link to nail fungus arise. This article investigates if home pedicure kits indeed contribute to nail fungal infections and […]
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Can Emu Oil Really Help Eliminate Nail Fungus?

Do your nails have a white spot under the nail or a yellowish color to them? Are they brittle looking and crumbling at the ends? Some of the nails can thicken, and will only get worse if left untreated. If you are experiencing a slightly foul odor or any of the other symptoms, then you […]
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Benefits Of Topical Treatments

Once in a while, whether as a kid or even a grown-up, your body gets an injury either a bruises or a twisted ankle that then causes some skin conditions such as the acne. This is a skin condition that people get, especially in their teenage years. When you get hurt or sick, there are […]
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Navigating Very Oily Skin

Oily skin is a skin type. You may have oily skin and not even have acne. Some people who have oily skin view it as a blessing. They know that they will not have a lot of wrinkles when it comes to later in life. However, there are some banes to oily skin. People can […]
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Skin Condition- Super Sensitive Skin

When skin is so sensitive that it just no longer can handle a lot, we call it intolerant skin in some cases. While intolerant skin can seem like a purely cosmetic skin condition, it actually needs the correct topical treatment. In the following article, we will explore how to treat this kind of super sensitive […]
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