Navigating Very Oily Skin

Oily skin is a skin type. You may have oily skin and not even have acne. Some people who have oily skin view it as a blessing. They know that they will not have a lot of wrinkles when it comes to later in life.

However, there are some banes to oily skin. People can see your glow and think you look greasy. You might feel gross with a layer of oil on your face by midday. You might even be prone to some breakouts due to your skin.

You will need topical treatment if you are experiencing acne. Some of the best topicals are the ones from the doctor. Remember that acne is a skin disease so you need to get professional help to treat it.

Additionally, you will need to combat your oily skin with a skincare regimen. Make sure you always use an oil-free moisturizer. This will prevent the build-up of even more oil on your skin. You might be tempted not to moisturize. However, this action might just increase the oil production of your glands to compensate. Try to moisturize with an oil-control moisturizer to keep this in check.

Your oily skin might just be a part of what you have to deal with. You can carry around blotting papers for the midday. You just blot these on your face and they will absorb the excess oil.

Also, you might want to refrain from shiny foundations. These foundations will leave your face looking even more oily. You can try a matte foundation as it will absorb some of the oil.

Some people might want to wash their face midday. This is actually a bad idea. You will just get your glands fired up. Try to wash twice a day at a maximum. Many dermatologists talk about how you should not wash your face more than twice a day because it can damage the acid mantle of the skin. The acid mantle of the skin has a pH, and you don’t want to disrupt the normal range.

Additionally, you can try to appreciate your skin type instead of wanting to change. When you want to change your skin, you can get into trouble. People can take harsh treatments like Accutane that really do a number on the oil production of your skin glands. When you get into this territory, you can actually end up changing your skin type. People can develop dry skin, dermatitis, and rosacea when their skin glands don’t function optimally.

If you learn to appreciate your skin and treat it well with a good skincare line, you can prevent problems later down the road. You should always make sure that you wear a good SPF to protect the skin. Most professionals recommend at least SPF 15. If you go down in SPF to get a tan, you might not get the sun protection you need. If you want to look tanned, then you should try self tanning option. You can always get a darker foundation color to match your body.

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