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Wagner Seahawks v Syracuse Orange

Why I Believe An Alibaba Deal To Buy Yahoo Is Becoming More Likely

Jul 24 2014 12:09pm CDT

By Sammy Pollack:Shares of Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) moved higher on Wednesday following the release of Eric Jackson's article, Is Alibaba Or SoftBank About To Buy Yahoo? While a deal may still be a long shot, I believe the odds of Alibaba (Pending:BABA) making a ...
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Jack Ma

Chief Executive Officer Of Yahoo!Inc. Marissa Mayer  At the 2014 Cannes Lions

Many Alibaba shareholders remain shadowy, even as IPO approaches

Jul 21 2014 2:27pm CDT

Alibaba's approaching initial public offering will likely be immensely profitable for the 70 percent of its shareholders whose identity the company has disclosed — shareholders like Yahoo Inc. or executives like Chairman Jack Ma. Little is known about the other 30 p ...
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If You Want To Be Rich, Don't Get An MBA

Jul 25 2014 3:04pm CDT

In her book, "The MBA Bubble," Mariana Zanetti, an MBA graduate of IE Business School in Spain, argues that getting an MBA is a waste of time and money. The following has been excerpted from the book with her permission. The first thing I am going to say about wealth is th ...
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Chief Executive Officer Of Yahoo!Inc. Marissa Mayer  At the 2014 Cannes Lions

Silicon Valley's highest paid female excutive? Not Mayer, not Whitman, not Sandberg

Jul 25 2014 4:40pm CDT

The top-paid female executive in Silicon Valley (indeed, the entire U.S.) isn't a CEO. She's Safra Catz, president and CFO at Oracle Corp., who took in $44.3 million in 2013, according to Three other Silicon Valley executives number among the top 10. ...
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Crowd funding

Singaporeans Protest Against Central Provident Fund (CPF) scheme

What Potato Salad Teaches Us About Crowdfunding - A Thriving Kickstarter For Potato Salad Holds 2 Big Lessons For Business Owners

Jul 17 2014 2:18pm CDT

When someone says “danger,” the first thing I think about is usually not potato salad. But that may change.  A Kickstarter member known as Zach “Danger” Brown started a campaign with the stated goal of “Basically I'm just making potato s ...
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Hedge Funds

New University Of Economics In Vienna

The Wall Street Journal: Hedge funds are betting on tax ‘inversion’ wave

Jul 25 2014 7:05pm CDT

Hedge funds are wagering billions of dollars on companies they believe will benefit from a wave of takeover deals designed to lower taxes for U.S. acquir ...
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Venture capital

2011 Writers Guild Awards - Press Room

Maveron's Dan Levitan on elephants under the table, Howard Schultz and startup CEOs

Jul 25 2014 12:55pm CDT

Dan Levitan founded venture capital firm Maveron Capital in 1998 with his friend, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. Levitan said he was under the impression at that time that the world did not need another venture capital firm — so they set out to find what they could do differ ...
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Universal Health Services' (UHS) CEO Alan Miller on Q2 2014 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Jul 25 2014 7:57pm CDT

Universal Health Services, Inc. (NYSE:UHS) Q2 2014 Results Earnings Conference Call July 25, 2014, 09:00 am ET Executives Steve Filton - Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President, Secretary Alan Miller - Chairman of the Board, Chi ...
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Susquehanna Bancshares' (SUSQ) CEO Bill Reuter on Q2 2014 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Jul 25 2014 7:29pm CDT

Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ:SUSQ) Q2 2014 Earnings Conference Call July 24, 2014 11:00 AM ET Executives Jason H. Weber – Vice President and Director-Investor Relations William J. Reuter – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael W. Harrington – Executive Vice Pres ...
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Yorkshire v Middlesex - LV County Championship

Mid-Market in San Francisco to get a caffeine injection

Jul 21 2014 8:52am CDT

The scruffy Mid-Market area in San Francisco, which the city has long had hopes of livening up, will get two new shops selling something that does, indeed, make people livelier -- caffeine. As the Chronicle reports, a chai tea cafe will open at 1019 ...
Source: San Francisco Business Times   Full article at: San Francisco Business Times  


MILLION-DOLLAR URLS: The Most Expensive Domain Names Of All Time

Jul 22 2014 3:07pm CDT

It's estimated that more than 500 urls have been bought and sold for $1 million or more. We scoured domain name resource DN Journal and put together a list of documented million-dollar, domain-only sales. Some have been squatted on for 20 years and have only recently traded hands. Not surprisin ...
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Glamour And Ann Taylor Celebrate International Women's Day

Univision, Taylor Corp. invest $4M in Sport Ngin

Jul 18 2014 1:46pm CDT

Tech company Sport Ngin has added two new investors and $4 million to its latest round of financing. Minneapolis-based Sport Ngin, which makes technology sports leagues use to manage their websites, raised the capital from TV station Univision and Tay ...
Source: Minneapolis- St. Paul Business Journal   Full article at: Minneapolis- St. Paul Business Journal  


NewsCred Content Marketing Summit 2013

Only One Thing Lacking In GoPro

Jul 25 2014 10:52am CDT

GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) has something that very few new tech companies possess - a brand. Unlike many recent tech fads that rely on a specific technology or social event to gain market attention, GoPro relies on the component that every company dreams to control, which is the ability ...
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Pfizer 300

Businesses Don’t Leave the U.S. Because of Lack of Patriotism

Jul 25 2014 10:28am CDT

President Obama will deliver a speech today railing against corporate inversions. That is the process whereby a U.S. business merges with a foreign business and moves the new joint business’s headquarters to the foreign country. Inversions have be ...
Source: Canada Free Press   Full article at: Canada Free Press  


Elizabeth Warren, Robert Menendez Discuss Proposed SEC Rule Election Influence

Obama calls anew for limits on US company mergers overseas, says it’s a question of patriotism

Jul 24 2014 4:32pm CDT

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Staking out a populist stand ahead of the midterm elections, President Barack Obama on Thursday demanded “economic patriotism” from U.S. corporations that use legal means to avoid U.S. taxes through overseas mergers. “I do ...
Source: Canadian Business Online   Full article at: Canadian Business Online  


Auckland Council Clamping Down On Urban Chicken Numbers

Sales up at clothes discounter Primark

Jul 10 2014 12:16pm CDT

Clothes retailer continues its rapid growth with quarterly sales up 22%, but says a full service internet offering w ...
Source: FT   Full article at: FT  

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